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The Consultants is considered the Primary Business Consultancy in Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Knows the market, creates the expression, constructs the strategy... The Consultants turns your Vision into Profitability

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The Consultants strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality.

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We care about how you felt before knowing us, and after knowing The Consultants.

Why Us

The Consultants are originated back in 1971. The long and talented experience in opening hundreds of successful businesses in Lebanon, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Canada, France, New York, North Carolina, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Iraq, Syria Jordan, Egypt, and Australia; makes us eligible to boom your business NOW.

Do You Need Us?

  • If you are willing to invest in a business and you do not know what to start with; then you need our business ideas.
  • You have a running business and want to increase your profits, then you need our business strategies.
  • Your business lags behind others, and your confused of what to do then you need our business planning.
  • You are searching for a business to invest in money, but not willing to invest any of your time, then you need one of our Money making ideas and strategies.
  • Your lifestyle is boring and not attracting what you want, then you need our Individual Consultants
  • Your Financial status is good but everything is mixed up, and every day you do not know what's next, then you Need our Private Consultants
  • You want your wealth and life to be customized to meed your needs and desires, then welcome our Consultants

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