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The Consultants is a decentralized R&D built to enable scalable, user-friendly projects for the world.

Welcome to The Consultants

The Consultants is the community-run Meta-technology powering the cryptocurrency Consultants Coin (Consult) and thousands of decentralized projects.



The Consultants Coin - Consult

Consult coin is at its seeding phase (lowest launching price). It is the initial phase of Consult launching where the most preferential coin price is found. This is the earliest stage of our ICO. The Consultants Coin (Consult) puts the MetaVerse power at your hands.



Consultants Coin Consult


Putting the MetaUniVerse power in your hands

Reasearch and Development Projects

The Consultants strong decentralized team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality.



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TheConsultants.business is your portal into the world of Consult coin. The tech is new and ever-evolving – it helps to have a guide. Here's what we recommend you do if you want to dive in.

Who is The Consultants R&D

The Consultants is a Decentralized Research & Development (DRD) organization that have multidisciplinary researchers around the world. United states, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Luxembourg, Denmark, Bulgaria, Belgium, Ireland, Russia, India, China, United Arab Emirates – Dubai specifically, Saudi Arabia – KSA, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, & Singapore are all enrolled in Research & Development.

The market share of The Consultants Research & Development is increasing tremendously worldwide. With the introduction of Web 3.0 and the creation of Metaverse, The Consultants are considered the first to build the backbone of the Metauniverse through its decentralized R&D.

What is Consult

The launch of Consult, The Consultants Coin, is essential to better develop and reach further meta manipulation. Consult is at its seeding phase now, which is the earliest investment time at which financiers and investors are most interested to participate at. The seeding phase is the first and lowest possible price which will have three posterior stages after it is over.

Why Us

The Consultants are originated back in 1971. The first and only Decentralized Research & Development Center on earth. The long and talented experience in leading hundreds of successful Reasearch and Development projects in the whole world, made us conquer more than 17% of the R&D global market. The Consultants were listed among the The World’s Most Innovative Research Institutions in 2019, 2020, &2021. Now, being the research and development market leaders, forced us to ride over blockchaining era; so we launched our coin "Consult". Being the first to develop the MetaUniverse, The Consultants decentralized scientists are putting the power of their research at your hands.

Do You Need Us?

  • The whole world is developed each day. Research and Development Centers are core to this development. The Consultants R&D are the prodigies in R&D field.
  • To invest in Technology and Metaverse development, Consult is the best option investment.
  • Your projects lags behind others, and your confused of what to do then you need our R&D services.
  • You are searching for a business to invest in money, but not willing to invest any of your time, then you need in our DeFi coin - Consult.
  • Your Financial status is good but everything is mixed up, and you can't tell your next move, then invest part of your money in Consult coin.
  • You want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, and you need a Crypto Coin based on real projects. Then you need us.
Consultants Coin Consult

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